Charter of Rights for Young People with Cancer

young people health rights

Young people with cancer have the right to:

  • Receive education about cancer and its prevention including early detection
  • Be taken seriously when seeking medical attention and receive the earliest possible diagnosis and speedy referral for suspected cancer
  • Have access to suitably qualified multi-disciplinary medical specialists with significant experience in treating cancer in this age group
  • Information about and reasonable access to clinical trials and treatment that has been clinically trialed with people in their age group
  • Receive age-appropriate support including, but not limited to, psychosocial, community and palliative support services
  • Empowerment in making decisions supported by a full and detailed explanation of all treatment options and long-term effects of the disease enabling them to actively influence their care
  • Fertility preservation, as well as information and counseling concerning short-term and long-term effects of cancer and treatment which affect fertility
  • Have access to specialized treatment and services in age-appropriate facilities alongside their peers
  • Financial and practical support to minimize the burden of the disease during treatment
  • Elimination of all forms of discrimination, during and beyond treatment, in education, vocation, and insurance, or in the community.

We are neither pediatrics nor geriatrics; we have unique needs – medically, developmentally, socially, and economically.

We have the right to have these unique needs recognized.

Like all age groups, we deserve to have our dignity, our beliefs, our privacy, and our personal values respected.

Regardless of financial, familial, ethnic or another background, access to quality cancer care and age-appropriate support is a right, not a privilege.